It's not just the features in version 1.4 that we're working on before the reset, there's loads more going on; including another major update (version 1.5) and a whole load of other stuff behind the scenes.

With all these changes comes the need for extra testing, so we're on the lookout for people who want to get involved and help us improve the game for the future. As well as reporting on any bugs and errors you may find, you'll also have the opportunity to get involved in the many debates that go on in the beta forums about features and how they'll work. So this really is an opportunity to change the way the game is played!

Remember, since its a beta, the game-play may well be disrupted throughout the test in the following ways.

1. There may be outages (however well do our best to communicate these with you in advance).
2. The game will be updated regularly (and we're sure some changes might introduce bugs for you to catch).
3. There will be occasional "stress tests" where we try and get as many people to log on at the same time as possible to test how well our servers can cope (we'll need you to help out in these as much as you can).
4. Due to the nature of beta, the gameworlds may need to be reset at some point during the test as well as shut down after the reset if they are no longer needed.

In a nutshell, you get to see everything that's coming in the future but with the likelihood of there being some problems. We also reserve the right to remove any teams that become inactive.

You'll be asked to post any bugs or feedback about the BETA test in the community forums. Your feedback is incredibly important in shaping the game for the future and anything you write will be listened to, so make sure you get involved!