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Thread: Prize money, never increasing?

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    Default Prize money, never increasing?

    I know the financial model is far from perfect but shouldn't the prize money for competitions increase on a year to year basis? Player prices and wages seem to get higher and higher but the money you win in competitions stay the same year after year. I'm currently in 2018 and I still get 522,000 for a win in Champions League just like I did back in 2010...

    I think a small raise from year to year would be in place and it could be as little as 1% or even 0,5% just as long as something happens.


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    Default Re: Prize money, never increasing?

    When does it stop though?

    I like the current system. If the players ask for more than your team can handle then you either go to a bigger team or you replace them.

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    Default Re: Prize money, never increasing?

    theres no such thing as inflation in the game i believe. so thats y prize money sticks

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