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Thread: 4 Years & Cant Find Feeder Clubs

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    Question 4 Years & Cant Find Feeder Clubs

    As above.

    I have a couple of players in my reserves who dont have work permits (i am playing as Celtic)

    I am now in July 2013. Every summer & January since the beginning of the game i have asked the board to find me a work permit feeder club, everytime they come back with nothing.

    Am i doing something wrong. They will now let me pick the club i want, anybody got any suggestions


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    Default Re: 4 Years & Cant Find Feeder Clubs

    Is it possible to sign players without work permits without having a work permit feeder in FM10?

    And BTW, I'd try a team in the bottom half of the Belgian league or a top team in the Belgian second tier.

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