Hi guys,
Don't often post so please excuse me if this is the wrong place!

Has anyone else worked out how to overcome the loans at the big clubs taking all your money?
I have no doubt this is realistic but, it is preventing one of the most fun parts of the game for me, buying new players!

I am Liverpool and I was 20m overdrawn by the end of season one, I only bought one player during that season. I got to the semi of the Champion's League and finished 2nd in the Prem so prize money was good and at the start of the following season, the bank balance 'was okay however, I was only given 10m for signings wich means I cannot buy anyone worthwhile. I had a similar thing with Chelsea in the Demo.

Like I said, that is probably quite realistic as Liverpool in real life don't seem to have a massive transfer budget however, paying out 3m a month is a killer - anyone agree?