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Thread: Only 4 Trainers?? Mistake if U ask me

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    Default Only 4 Trainers?? Mistake if U ask me

    Managere of Bradford and want to hire additional trainers:

    I get the message that only 4 trainers are needed (me, asst mgr, trainer and keeper trainer)
    I find that strange...
    In fm2009, this was not the case.

    Shouldn't it be corrected?

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    Default Re: Only 4 Trainers?? Mistake if U ask me

    I got that when I was managing lower league teams. The board don't want you spending much money on the coaching set up. When I promoted to the championship they let me have 7 and it went up to 10 when I got into the premiership. Its the boards decision on how much of the budget they want you spending on coaches rather than players.

    that was playing as Luton in FM09, so it was definitely there in previous versions, maybe in FM09 the chairman/board details were more flexible for Bradford.

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    Default Re: Only 4 Trainers?? Mistake if U ask me

    that was in fm09 too

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    Default Re: Only 4 Trainers?? Mistake if U ask me

    They're a 3rd division team, who probably don't have a load of money to throw around on staff. I remember when Steve Staunton was unveiled as Ireland manager, it was claimed that he was assistant manager at Walsall by the FAI (another story altogether), but it turned out that he was helping Mark Kinsella with the reserves while still a player because the club couldn't afford more than Manager, first team coach and physio as paid members of staff, and he was "thinking about" getting his coaching badges. This being at a time when Walsall were a division higher than Bradford now.

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    Default Re: Only 4 Trainers?? Mistake if U ask me

    Yeah, this is a fairly recent "feature" .. as recently as, what, FM'05 or so? Maybe CM03/04? .. you could have whatever staff you wanted as long as the staff wages plus player wages were within your wage budget. This led to the human player assembling a much larger staff than any AI side would, which had two effects:

    - It led to unrealistic numbers of staff at human-controlled teams, and
    - It contributed to a "Monopoly" runaway leader effect, furthering the gap between human team and AI teams.

    SI could have addressed this by having AI teams aggressively pursue staff as we did, but that would have really whomped the realism: now there would be unrealistic numbers of staff at every club!

    So instead, they went with a fix which neutered the effect of the N+1'th coach - basically, you'd get much more benefit going from one coach to two than you would going from seventeen coaches to eighteen .. and then they set some caps on it under the guise of the board limiting your staff size to something which they find appropriate and financially sustainable.

    The limit number will increase as you raise the club's stature, financial security, and league position.

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