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Thread: Minimum Squad Numbers - Issue

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    Question Minimum Squad Numbers - Issue

    ------------ Fixed -------------------------

    Went on holiday for the day


    I have hit a problem with FM2010 and minimum number of player’s allocated a squad number.

    I have been asked to submit my numbers for the coming season.

    Problem is I have had a mass clear out (Playing as the mighty Salisbury in the Blue Sq Prem)

    I have 15 players on my books (includes reserve and under 18’s) with a flood of offers in the pipe line.

    Problem is I cannot continue the game without allocating 16 numbers.

    I have tried to sign an unattached player \ loan player with demands offer goes through today, but game will not allow me to continue.

    Problem is this is in the first few weeks and I have not saved since I first loaded this season. I really don’t want to lose 6 hours of planning and changes.

    Any ideas?

    SI, possible bug (Albeit my stupidity of getting rid of the complete team)


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    Default Re: Minimum Squad Numbers - Issue

    have you tried going on holiday for 1 day. Normally that lets the computer sort things out for itself as if your team as an AI team.

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