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Thread: FM2010 Desktop Shortcut

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    Default FM2010 Desktop Shortcut

    Downloaded from Steam, FM2010 runs fine.

    However, I can't find out how to create a shortcut on the desktop so I don't have to open Steam to launch FM2010.


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    Default Re: FM2010 Desktop Shortcut

    Right click on FM10 in games list and add to Game Explorer/ Add to desktop.

    I keep an empty desktop in7 but you can do any of the following:

    Use Desktop Icon created by Steam.
    Drag Desktop Icon to Taskbar and use that
    Drag Icon from Game Explorer to Taskbar or Desktop

    All easy, all straightforward.

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    Default Re: FM2010 Desktop Shortcut

    Go to steam where you have your game and highlight the game then right click and a menu will drop down and there will be an option to create a shortcut for your desktop.

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