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    Default The FM10 Records Thread

    The Rules

    • Any member of the SI forums may submit a record.
    • Records must be set from competitive matches, no friendlies. To make it clear now, the Club World Championship is considered a competitive competition. International friendlies may count for records involving sequences of matches, but not for individual matches.
    • All records must be set from matches/players/seasons involving human managers, i.e. no AI records.
    • New titles for records can be created at any time, provided proof can be shown.
    • Records must either be set or broken, equalling records do not count.
    • Any record submitted must be accompanied with a screenshot at the bottom of the post.
    • All records must be set using an unedited database, the only updates allowed are the official data updates from SI. This includes downloaded league files created with the new editor.
    • All records must be set using the retail version of the game, ie. none from the demo or test builds.
    • No cheating. (I know there is no way of checking but it seemed to go pretty well last time, so hopefully people can be trustworthy.)
    • Try to keep any player tipping or tactical advice to the relevant forums. (Obviously there will be a certain extent of player naming with the records.)
    Submitting a Record

    Copy and paste the entire most recent existing list and add your record to the relevant section(s), if you are beating an existsing record then make sure you remove the old one. To make your new records stand out, please put them in bold and remove the bolding from the previous person. If you make any mistakes or if two people post at the same time, can someone make sure the correct list is posted. Please make sure that the formatting is maintained and no links get removed or coloured text introduced.

    Records must be posted in this format:

    Name of record - username - team/player - record - Proof (where the word proof is the link to the screenshot)

    For example:

    Most Goals in Match - NepentheZ - Andrew Smylie - 15 - Proof

    Due to the memory issues we suffered last year, I will be deleting old posts just leaving the opening post and the most recent list. To help me do this quickly, any discrepancies or issues need to be raised immediately. Any records that are not posted in the correct format may be deleted without warning.

    How to Take a Screenshot

    • While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard).
    • Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image
    • Save the file as a JPEG
    • Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack
    • Post the direct Url to the image here.
    How to Add Links

    At the top of the forum, go to 'quick links' then 'edit options'. At the bottom, select 'enhanced interface' and save the changes. This will give you access to the extra posting tools that make it easier to post links. Once you've done this, when posting your record highlight the word 'Proof' then use the link button (looks like a little globe) to paste in the direct Url to your screenshot.
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