After reading the thread about people doing commentary on there games I want to know what the craziest thing people have done after losing a match or missing out on a player or the usual little c**t scoring on you like he has done each and every game or a gk saving every shot with every part of his anatomy like Gomes did before I mashed him up in the editor
Anyway I'll start with my story, a story about my brother and one about my friend..
After staying up all night to finish off a season that had me really excited because I came back from 14 points behind at xmas to be top on goal difference with one game to go while managing Newcastle a couple of years ago, I was playing Boro last game of the season and had 20 shots on target only for Stuart Taylor as always to keep a clean sheet against me to lose the league, I took the disc out of the computer, threw it to the floor and jumped up and down on it till it was smashed while pulling my hair and screaming, I conned my brother many years ago on it offering him 1k plus 10 mil after 1 international appearance for Markus Babel who was retired for Germany at the time and when he realised he punched me and locked me out of the house for hours, my friend Paul used to wrap the mouse cord around his throat and choke himself when Ismael Miller used to score on him on the last game

anyway hope to hear about your reactions to things like this