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Thread: FM 2010 licensing issues

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    Default FM 2010 licensing issues

    I've been away for a few editions of Fm and have just found out from a mate that FM09 didn't have certain licenses, i.e the German National team, and German clubs names etc...just wondering if this will be the same with FM 2010 and if so, is there a data
    editor remedy that allows use of all national teams, clubs names etc?..basically im concerned as to what things won't be fixable and will blemish the game. (for me)
    Nice one

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    Default Re: FM 2010 licensing issues

    We aren't allowed to discuss the German national team on these forums for licensing reasons.

    I'll PM you about it now explaining how to get them into the game, because this will be closed by a mod at some point.

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    Default Re: FM 2010 licensing issues

    Like always there will probably be a fairly simple workaround that you'll easily be able to find on any other FM forum, just not this one.

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