Heres what is happening with me in FM09, I am one cashed up team Fisher (I have cheated here to have lots of cash to test my theory on a different save).

--- Problem 1 ---
I have tried to buy a player say the Thurrock goal keeper I offer a large sum for him and the club is delighted and lets me talk contracts with the player. I then discuss with the player contracts and he says not interested to join. I offer like 5K per week and 200K+ just to sign and maximum for appearance and clean sheets about 1K+ for both.

The dude is currently on about 500 per week and I get some weak reason for the reason he isnt moving is because he just joined Thurrock. This happens with soooo many players I try and buy (I tested it on like 10 players). I mean this is rediculous if someone is handed that sort of contract and is already allowed to talk contracts, as in the club is happy for him to go, why on earth wouldnt the player take such an obvious choice?? A problem in the game for sure.

--- Problem 2 ---
I try and loan a player from a few teams the players are worth about one million. I offer 3 million to loan the player for just one season but only pay 90% of the players wages. Again I get some stupid response saying that they wont accept the fact they have to pay 10%. of the wages. I cant pay any more of the players wages as I have a limit so I offer even more money for him 5 million still I get the same stupid response from the team I am trying to loan from.
Anyone agree with this, any ideas how I try and buy players when there all so daft and dont know a good opportunity if it bit them in the ass??