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Thread: Transfer Funds: Staff vs Players

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    Default Transfer Funds: Staff vs Players

    Is my Transfer Funds altered, if I hire/fire non-playing staff (coaches, physio etc)?

    Also, if I sell players, does the new money off the sale go into the Transfer Funds? (I am aware that the payroll differential can be used to adjust the budget).

    Bottom-line question is: are there any other ways that I can I increase my Transfer Funds (besides the Budget Adjustment and Board Request)?

    (It is painful not to be able to buy some average player just because I manage a relatively poor club...). Thanks

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    Default Re: Transfer Funds: Staff vs Players

    selling players is the best way. Look on the finances screen it tells you the percentage of tranfer fees received you'll get to spend. Also, offload any dead wood as this will increase your wage budget.

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