Hey lads,

First of all, I'm sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for this thread, but since this has to do with the league rules and procedures, I thought it would be the best place to express my astonishment.

I am currently playing Lokomotiv Moscow, which is a challenge by itself. In my 3rd season, I finally see myself right there near the top of the league disputing point by point with Zenith and looking at the rear mirror to find CSKA, Spartak and Dinamo Moscow.

Everything would be fine, but then strange things start to happen. First, some of my players, who are seasoned internationals start hacking opponents with two feet for no reason at the beggining of the games. I had two sent offs like that before 15 minutes in recent matches.

Both of them are banned for four matches and I give them the discipline cutting their wages for two weeks.

Now I have another sent off, but in this case, it's my central defender who was cautioned by the second time in the end of a game in a questionable call (according to in-game commentary, too harsh decision).

Here comes the disciplinary commitee and bans him for 3 games.

How come a guy needs to be given a further 3 game ban after the automatic ban for a second caution? I mean, the guy didn't alledgedly argue with the official, he didn't extract a bone from someone or anything like that. He just received a second yellow card for tripping near the box.

Am I being too picky or is the game not being really realistic here?

IMHO, its purpose for me is to be a realistic portrait of the real life game - this is why it is so enjoyable and fun in the first place - I'll never manage Arsenal but then again, here I could - and still, one has to wonder all the time if there are no small traps inside the programming of the game to make it harder when things are going fine for a player.

That's plain frustrating.

Anyway, if someone who understands the Russian League disciplinary rules could enlighten my knowledge of the criteria used there, I'd be glad to hear.