First of all i am not sure if this is really a bug so i try to post in GQ section.

What i have noticed is, at the end of each German league season, there is a random drop in German club reputation.

You can easily check this out if you are playing in the German league. Everytime you complete the season, make a save at around 25-May and record the reputation of the top teams such as Werder Bremen, HSV and Schalke (They all have continental reputation at the beginning of game, it will be better if you use FFM so you can record the exact reputation they got)

Then, after 1-June, you check again with these clubs you will notice they drop 200~300 reputation points for no reason.

This is something different from the reputation adjustment according with the finished league position, which only happened for the new season while the game update with a clean new league table.

I have find this issue in FM07 after 10 seasons i notice all Germany club only have "National" as club reputation. Then i monitoring the game with FFM and find out this cause AND this reputation drop bug ONLY apply onto German clubs.

And now in FM08 i monitoring the reputation and again i spot the same bug applying on German clubs only.

With this bug after a few season the German clubs will be totally out of business as they can no longer keep or get good players with decreasing club reputation.

I really cant explain why this bug only occur on German clubs?