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    It's that time of year when we start talking lots about the next FM, and to try and avoid stickythreaditis, there will be one thread (this one) that will link to each of the blogs, or discussions of the blogs, to make it nice and easy for you to find them as they appear.

    There have been a few so far, but the main new feature blogs will start around the middle of next week with (as long as all goes to plan this week) a very nice and appropriate partner

    Blogs so far....

    FM2010 announcement

    How do we decide on features that go into the FM games?

    How do we collect and use our data?

    FM2010 Installation and DRM decision.

    Inteview with Miles

    Day 1

    "Hear about a new feature, and a little interview with Jon McClure from Reverend and the Makers just after he saw FM2010 for the first time!"

    Day 2

    "Part one of an indepth look into backroom advice with 3 new screenshots."

    Day 3

    "New, improved Assistant Manager! New screenshots!"

    Day 4

    "New match action"

    Day 5

    "Match view talk, and a new match video."

    Day 6

    "Interview with game guru Paul Collyer"

    Day 7

    "New Tactics Creator Module"

    Day 8

    "Tactics (pt 2) & touchline shouts "

    Day 9/10

    "Starting a new game, and team settings"

    Day 11

    "Data editor part 1"

    Day 12

    "Data editor part 2"

    Day 13

    "Some bits and bobs, and the FM podcast returns"

    As blogs go live, this thread will be updated.

    Day 14

    "Media, part 1"

    Day 15

    "Media, part 2"

    Day 16

    "Media, part 3"

    Day 17

    "Media, part 4 - news centre and subscriptions"

    Day 18

    "Transfers and contracts"

    Day 19

    "New rules, awards and history"

    Day 20

    "Team Talks"

    Day 21


    Day 22

    "Scouting, player searching & filters"

    Day 23
    "State of play, speed tests and Paolo Nutini"

    Day 24
    "State of play part 2 and some videos"

    Day 25
    "GUI and Customisable colums + 9 new screenshots"

    Day 26
    Official trailer

    Day 27
    Achievements and 2 new match engine videos
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