After a succesful game a few months ago, I have made a new database based on the previous game. There are 16 teams in the league (Portugal). Each team has 23 players. The players are fairly assigned to each club, although you wil notice that each team does have a weak area. Using 9.3 update.

I am looking for dedicated players to join my game

Starting Monday 3rd August.

Monday: 8-10.30pm
Tuesday: 8-10.30pm
Wednesday: NONE
Thursday: 8-10.30pm
Friday: 8-10.30pm
Saturday: Unsure
Sunday: Unsure

I usually am not available on thursdays or fridays although next week is a one off.

Hamachi Name: Fantasy EPL
Hamachi Password: Fantasy EPL

The clubs will be assigned randomly, you will not be able to pick your team.
The only transfers which are allowed are swaps. You are not allowed to sign anyone for free.

My msn:

Current Players: