Hi, i am wondering why a player of mine doesn't get worldwide reputation, respectively what actually influences the reputation.

I am SV Werder Bremen playing in the Bundesliga and the player I am referring to is Artem Milevsky. So he is Ukranian. I've won several trophies with him (2x UCL, 6x league winners, 2x cup winners, 2x Club World Championship , ........)
He himself is one of the most sucessful players of my team, 2x Golden Boot, Club World Championship Best Player, European Champions Cup Best Player, German First Division Top Goalscorer, European Footballer of the Year, European Striker of the Year, ...
he played 54 international games for Ukraine, scoring 35 goals
His reputation is continental.

In comparison to that, one of my home grown midfielders, aged 22, 15 caps for Germany, already got worldwide reputation, not worth to mention he hasn't achieved so much by far

IMO it also can't be an issue of nationality, since i also had Goran Pandev playing for my team, and he got worldwide reputation as well, playing for Macedonia.

So... what does really effect the reputation? How do players got a worldwide one? And why does my 22 year old midfielder already has it?