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    Ive tried to play fm2009 without cheating, or at least without cheating as much as usual. But it seems the game is preventing me from playing it properly.

    I used real time editor to give my scouts maximum stats in order that I wouldnt have to use genie scout or any other cheat. genie scout makes the game to easy and I lose interest after 2 or 3 seasons.

    The problem is, even though my scouts are all world class, they still tell me the wrong info. I sold a young player that they said was no good to West Brom, not 2 seasons later he is scoring 1 goal in 2 games in the PL. I also scouted Fabian Delph of Leeds because I know he is highly rated in the game and real life. My scout told me he is playing close to full potential, yet when I checked on FMRE he has CA 138 PA 178?

    How am I supposed to play the game properly when the scouts are this bad? Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Scouts and Scouting

    So you don't want to use genie scout because you see it as cheating and you get bored but you think its fine to use an editor to give your scouts max stats??

    Personally I would say thats only a marginal improvement

    Anyhow moving on, scouts aren't always right and do get wrong occasionally - even those with max stats.

    But generally they are fairly accurate so onto your two examples.

    Scout reports are based on CA & PA so for your young player that you sold he probably had a lower PA than "World Class" however the CA he had was focused into useful skills which make him a good player in his position.

    As for Delph - How many times did you scout him, just once? over several games with different scouts? It could be that the scout got it wrong if you just scouted him once however age could also be a factor and he may never reach his PA.

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