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Thread: Error: Serial Number Not Working

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    I've had FM09 since it came out. And since then I've had no problems using the game through Steam on my Windows machine. However recently I kept getting a message saying my trial period had expired and I was required to enter in my serial number. No big deal, I tracked down the box, looked on the back the manual and then entered the serial. Sorted. Or that's what I thought, the activation then gave some sort of error saying that the code wasn't recognized. I then did some searching around and found a program which Si supply which supposedly converts the serial number on the back of the manual into one you can use in the activation process. Now with my new serial in hand I once again went back to the activation menu, and once again was given an error. As far as I know I've tried everything. Including uninstalling and installing the game. I'm on holiday now, and not even FML can supplement my desire for FM. So I am desperate for help.

    Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?

    Thanks In Advance.


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