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    Default World Super League

    I created a World Super League for FM09, by substituting the Portuguese Leagues. The method for picking the teams to include was not simply by reputation, as I see most times by other super league creators, but instead a weighted average of team quality and reputation - team quality was weighted 60%, and for measuring it I used the "Rating" found on the team screen in FM Genie Scout; this rating presented in genie has nothing to do with genie's calculations, it comes straight from the game and I believe it is used in game for some purpose; reputation was weighted 40%.
    The divisions:
    Liga Sagres (first division)
    R. Madrid Spain
    Barcelona Spain
    Man Utd England
    Inter Italy
    Chelsea England
    Juventus Italy
    A.C. Milan Italy
    Liverpool England
    Arsenal England
    Roma Italy
    Valencia Spain
    FC Bayern Germany
    Sevilla Spain
    Olympique Lyon France
    Fiorentina Italy
    At. Madrid Spain

    Liga Vitalis (second division)

    Villarreal Spain
    Zenit Russia
    Werder Bremen Germany
    Schalke Germany
    Udinese Italy
    Tottenham England
    Shakhtar Ukraine
    Sampdoria Italy
    Benfica Portugal
    Olympique Marseille France
    Man City England
    Galatasaray Turkey
    Everton England
    Fenerbahce Turkey
    HSV Germany
    Porto Portugal

    Third Division:

    Segunda B - Serie A
    Celtic Scotland
    Rangers Scotland
    Newcastle England
    Portsmouth England
    Aston Villa England
    Blackburn England
    West Ham England
    Bolton England
    Middlesbrough England
    PSV Holland
    Ajax Holland
    Feyenoord Holland

    Segunda B - Serie B
    Lazio Italy
    Napoli Italy
    Palermo Italy
    Genoa Italy
    Espanyol Spain
    Zaragoza Spain
    Deportivo Spain
    Getafe Spain
    Athletic Spain
    Racing Spain
    Mallorca Spain
    Osasuna Spain

    Segunda B - Serie C
    Girondins Bordeaux France
    Paris Saint-German France
    Saint-Etienne France
    AS Monaco France
    Stuttgart Germany
    Leverkusen Germany
    Dortmund Germany
    Wolfsburg Germany
    Hannover Germany
    Dinamo Kiev Ukraine
    Olympiakos Greece

    Segunda B - Serie D
    Betis Spain
    Sporting CP Portugal
    America (MEX) Mexico
    Sao Paulo Brazil
    Palmeiras Brazil
    Internacional Brazil
    Cruzeiro Brazil
    Gremio Brazil
    Fluminense Brazil
    Flamengo Brazil
    Boca Argentina
    River Argentina

    The link to it is:

    Advantage of using Portuguese League: No foreign players limit - no need to deal with making everyone in the world belong to the eu!
    Disadvantage: You will get less money due to the tv money hard coded into the game than if you were in england.

    I took steps to ensure that in the long run the portuguese/world leagues would remain the most attractive to players:

    Portugal - Changed league standard to 20

    Competitions I changed the reputation up:
    Liga Sagres - 20
    Portuguese Cup - 19
    Liga Vitalis - 18
    Portuguese League Cup - 17
    Portuguese Second Division - 16
    Portuguese Super Cup - 16

    Competitions I changed reputation down, so that players in the world would want to come to teams in the superleague:
    European Champions League, Euro Cup, Copa Libertadores, English Premier Division, Italian Serie A, Spanish Liga BBVA, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga - all changed to 15.

    Know issues - The game will not load if you pick the French league also. I have tested, and it will load with spanish, brazilian, italian, german and english leagues.

    Hope you guys can use it, and let me know how you did!
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    Default Re: World Super League

    THat is very interesting and good work!

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    Default Re: World Super League

    Looks very good , but how long would it take to download roughly?

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    Default Re: World Super League

    The file is 70 megs, it depends on your connection. Filefront should give you an estimate once you start downloading.

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    Default Re: World Super League

    Helps if your link works...

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    Default Re: World Super League

    Sorry for the mistake... I simply copied the link from my post in the editors board. Here goes the correct link:

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    Default Re: World Super League

    and ive downloaded it but how exactly do you get it to work and appear as a database? i put it in the database folder i think... but doenst appear, any step by step help? cheers

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