I wonder if anyone from SI could give me there honest opinion as to whether I should start a new lower league game on FM 08 with Bishops Stortford in the conference south, or should I wait for the next patch to come out.

I was a little conceerned by one thing I had come across, but didnt know if it was a bug or new contract rulings etc.
I wonder if you could clarify, it appears that when trying to release a youth contract player on a free I had to pay compensation. Now previously on FM07 I could just release them for nothing.

Could someone from SI then please clarify if releasing players on youth contracts, should or shouldnt have to paid compensation. If they should then obviously its not a bug, but if they shouldnt and is indeed a bug - Is it going to be fixed on upcoming patch?

If so, would be best to wait i suppose for the patch to start my FM08 career.

Many thanks