There are lots of threads on regen players, but how about staff? Here's what I've found:

Regen scouts
I want to be able to scout around the world. Using ScoutGenie to find suitable scouts, I notice that in Nov 2009, of 1777 regen scouts, all bar one are from 3 nations: England (where I’m managing), Belgium (I have a feeder club there) and Wales.
Regen Coaches – 697 regens, all from Belgium and England.
Of the 93 regen physios, all bar 3 are from England and Belgium. Those 3 exceptions are the best 3 and all are Brazilian.
Only the regen assmen (of jobs from which one can recruit) had a decent spread of nationalities. Surely there needs to be a better spread of regen staff.
Nb. I have leagues from 7 nations selected and a medium database. I also loaded Gillsmin’s ‘retain players’ edt file which ensures regens from just about all the countries whether loaded or not. AFAIK this doesn’t affect staff. Problem is, I can’t get the scouts to find them!
Does sI have any plan to improve this side of regens?