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Thread: FM07 - Saved game data question

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    Default FM07 - Saved game data question

    Hi, I'm playing FM07 and I'm on season 2024. Enjoying it.

    Recently I bought a new PC, and transferred over all the files. It seemed to work as I have my saved games all here and everything looks good.

    That is until I go to the manager history and the "Hall of Fame". ALL MY PREVIOUS EXPLOITS are scrubbed off and I have nil ponts again. Not happy.

    The data shows me as winning my previous titles, champ league etc when I go into the separate competitions, but no joy in the hall of fame

    Can anybody help? Thanks.

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    Default Re: FM07 - Saved game data question

    I think the Hall of Fame doesn't "belong" to your saved game - because it records details across multiple games you start.

    I'd imagine the Hall of Fame data is stored in some file somewhere on your old computer. No idea where, though.

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