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Thread: Is there a download for this?

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    Lightbulb Is there a download for this?

    Have tried in editors and skinning sections.
    Was told there is a download for it but the person can't remember.
    Can somebdy let me know or tell me how to do this? step by step please.
    I've decided I want to put the correct titles.champions league and europa league in my game.
    Have never tried to change anything in fm before so would be greatful if someone could help this dummy..
    cheers guys

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    Default Re: Is there a download for this?

    You really need to go back to the Skinning hideout and ask there. They will (should) provide links to what you need too.

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    Default Re: Is there a download for this?

    This can't be discussed here, for licensing reasons. You are probably better off looking at an unofficial site.

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