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Thread: Question about two player games

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    My mate and i are currently having a two player game, me as Leeds and him as Swindon. We both set our experience to international footballer yet he is being offered every high profile job that is going where as i have so far been offered none. We are in March in the first season, I'm 1st and he is 9th. I'm just wondering if anyone knows why this is happening. Thanks in advance

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    A cup-run maybe? Is he doing better than you in any of the cup competitions you entered?

    I'm not so sure how your 1st place will count...I'm pretty sure your reputation would be updated at the end of the season, not during...I know I wasn't offered the England job until I'd sealed the Premiership title, even though I lead the way in first for much of the season.

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    Another reason could be his tactics.

    Clubs are not going to hire managers who use completely different tactics than the players are used to, his style of play maybe similar to those used by big clubs, and your tactics may not be.

    If they were to choose between two guys with similar reputation, and history, a tiebreaker would be the guy who's style of play is most suited to their club.

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