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Thread: Italian-Argentine regen names

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    Default Italian-Argentine regen names

    *pedantry alert*

    I'm a few seasons into my game (managing an Italian club) and I've noticed a lot of Argentinian regens showing on my search screen with fully Italian names. I remember part of the blog/podcast for FM2009 that mentioned that a proportion of Argie regens would have Italian second nationality (I'm guessing this is significant for WP/non-EU restrictions that apply to a lot of leagues). This is fair enough and realistic, but in reality most Italian-Argies have Spanish first names and Italian second names e.g. Javier Mascherano, Esteban Cambiasso, Javier Zanetti, Fabricio Coloccini etc. whereas these regens come through with Italian first names too.

    Not a big deal but thought I'd point it out

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    Default Re: Italian-Argentine regen names

    would it not be right to assume that maybe the main reason someone has a second nationality at 15-16 is due to their parents nationality, maybe they italian parent took over naming!

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