Regarding a few points:

I will probably start the Bandits and Sheriffs a rung or two lower than usual, because their rise up the leagues in comparison to each other is interesting.

I may consider reducing the starting CA of the starlets to 100 this time, which will still be overpoweringly high for that league. The issue is that lowering the CA can make the idiots pointless, because their poor approach to training means their CA does not improve, in fact it tends to go down. Last time, everyone started at 150, the idiots dropped into the 140s, while the starlets found the peak. Perhaps an interesting twist would be to given the idiots a HIGHER CA than the starlets, to counterbalance the Bandits' advantage of having 22 superkids. 150 CA for the idiots, 100 for the starlets? Perhaps...

Giving the starlets a minimum fee release clause is likely to change nothing. A club in the 7th/8th tier of English football is still going to accept a bid of a few million for a player, irrespective of a 100m minimum fee release clause.

I think I'll still have to include a set of leagues from the start, and not try to take too much advantage of the on/off nation switching. If, for example, a starlet moves to Turkey, then yes, I'll switch that league on, but I suspect that if a league isn't switched on, they are less likely to go there in the first place. So plenty will have to be on by default.