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Thread: Best way to get the most from youngsters ??

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    Default Best way to get the most from youngsters ??

    My club has worldclass youth and training facilities. I have a feeder club in the Eng championship. So I am wondering what is the best way to get the most out of my young hopefulls.

    Is it keeping them at my own club either in the U19's or reserves,, where they will have the best facilities or ,,,

    Send them out on loan where they will get more chance of first team football and exp.

    I have notice the ones that go on loan if played tend to have raised values ,, but dont get to see their changes in attributes,, and the ones that stay my club I see changes but their values seem to either stay same or drop.

    So what do you think is the best method to get the most out of them for their long term progression

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    Default Re: Best way to get the most from youngsters ??

    I would personally loan some players out for 1st team experience. The best way any player can grow is through playing games week in week out imo.

    If you do keep your youngsters in your team, I would play them in cup games and give them some sub appearances around half of the league games in the country.

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    Default Re: Best way to get the most from youngsters ??

    Further to this...

    I have sent several youngsters out on loan, how quickly will i notice an improvement?

    I am West Ham and have sent various youngsters out to League 2 clubs and upwards and all are playing every week.

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    Default Re: Best way to get the most from youngsters ??

    When they are young get them to learn from someone, role model and appraoch to game. By the time they are 21 they should be fully equipped to be pros. Then loan them out, to gain experience.

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