I was just wondering why height isn't incorporated into the game?

I am using Lisandro Lopez of Porto and Daniel Agger of Liverpool as my example. In the game Lisandro Lopez has a height in the game is 5'9" (1.74m) and his jumping stat is 15, compared to Daniel Agger who is 6'2" (1.87m) and also has a jumping stat of 15. IRL if the header was contested between the two of them I would expect Agger to win at least 7 out of 10 because he is taller and they are equal in how well they can jump, in the game however the two players are on an equal playing field because the game doesn't take a players height into consideration. I do understand that there are other stats and factors that are taken into account whether a player wins a header or not (positioning, anticipation etc.) but even without those I would still expect Agger to win most headers if the type of high ball that was played to them was the same each time.