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Thread: 2nd season loans

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    Default 2nd season loans

    It's a well-known fact that sending youngsters out on loan is a very good way of developing them. I have a few youngsters who look to turn out to be very good. In their first season at the club, they went out on loan quite easily. A host of championship teams came after them, and I sent them out on loan to the teams that will see them as valuable players + the best training facilities possible.

    Of course, they develop just like I hoped. They all played 30-40+ games.

    Now come 2nd season I really struggle. My young striker who scored 26 goals in 41 games have no interest from any championship sides. And when I try to send him to one of my affiliate, Hibernian (who will be participating in the Euro Cup this season) he rejected to go on loan. Now I feel stuck since he'll probably rot in the reserves. Is there any tips on how to get them on loan?

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    Default Re: 2nd season loans

    There's a bit of a bug problem with getting young people out on loan.

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    Default Re: 2nd season loans

    If you cant get them on loan it looks like your going to have to take their development into your own hands!

    Assign them a mentor and give them occasional first team football, start them in FA cup and League cup matches against weaker sides, you never know, they may make those Championship sides wish they took them on loan!

    Hope this helps!

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