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  1. Reserve and U18s League Question FM13

    Hi all,

    I have decided I want to put the Reserve and U18s leagues back to what it used to be i.e. if my Villa team are playing Arsenal this week, I want my Reserves and U18's to be playing Arsenal...
  2. Thanks clemenceko.

    Thanks clemenceko.
  3. GK Coaches and Fitness Coaches Query FM13

    Hi everyone,

    I have recently started playing fm again after a break away from the game and I haven't bought FM14 has of yet. Whilst playing FM13 I have noticed that my GK and Fitness coaches now...
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    Re: international retirement problem

    well giggs has retired and i have asked him to reconsider still wait on his decision
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    international retirement problem

    Being wales manager I decided to untick ryan giggs' international retirement box and made him younger so he can finally contirbute to wales unlick what he really did in real life by not playing in...
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