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    Re: Do you support your local club?

    8.14 miles CH Watford Football Club
    9.04 miles L1 Luton Town Football Club
    14.67 miles L2 Barnet Football Club
    16.02 miles L2 Wycombe Wanderers Football Club
    20.19 miles L2...
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    Re: Pro Footballers who went to jail...

    Lol etc, my mistake.

    Neither Wright-Phillips nor Dyer went to prison.
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    Re: Pro Footballers who went to jail...

    Ahh yes, did Tofting not get done for shoving his Mrs. down the stairs ?
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    Re: Pro Footballers who went to jail...

    That's the one, he appears to be a prize tit.
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    Re: Pro Footballers who went to jail...

    Didn't a player who was at Northampton on CM 01/02 get sent down for something quite serious, i think his name was Justin Georclin or something like that, he became a class act on the game but...
  6. Re: The Non-League Discussion Thread: Season 2008 - 2009

    Good news for Hemel, our star striker of a couple of seasons ago Anthony Thomas has signed for us again after being released by Stevenage, this guy is different class at Southern Premier level, his...
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    Re: Darren Anderton to Retire

    A great pro who sadly didn't fulfil his potential due to injuries, always admired his technical ability and i'd be very suprised if he doesn't go into coaching.
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    Re: Winston Bogarde

    Actually Galli wasn't too bad, there was a hell of a lot worse signed by Vialli.

    There have been a fair amount of woeful signings in recent times but a lot of them haven't been too costly, however...
  9. Re: The Non-League Discussion Thread: Season 2008 - 2009

    Another incompetent home performance from Hemel, a 1-0 defeat to Tiverton, we hate home games.
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    Poll: Re: Do you go to the stadium often?

    I'd say i'm fairly hardcore, have been a season ticket holder for over 10years now and for the past couple of season i've started attending a fair amount of away games. I've been to five of the 8...
  11. Re: Carling Cup 4th Round Thread (Tues 11/11 and Wed 12/11)

    Huzzah! Williamson scores again at the Liberty Stadium. Last time he did so (Sunday) we went on to lost 3-1 :( Here's hoping for something different.
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    Re: The 2008/09 Championship Thread

    Another ruddy defeat, another blunder from Richard Lee, another week spent in the bottom 3. :(
  13. Re: The Non-League Discussion Thread: Season 2008 - 2009

    Lmao, etc. She was present alot of the time when Roberts was with us last time but hasn't been seen this season.
  14. Re: Ashley Robinson "facebook footballer" not 'dis ting after all !

    Just had the guy watched at a trial day on the FM demo and he got a reasonable report and his stats aren't bad for an 18yr old, but knowing how much of a **** he is prevented me from giving him a...
  15. Re: The Non-League Discussion Thread: Season 2008 - 2009

    Here's my report/blog about the trip to Swindon today:

    Given the fact Watford aren't playing until tommorow i thought i'd make the trip down to Swindon for Hemel's away tie at the league leaders....
  16. Re: why have wigan and stoke kicked off early? :/

    Sounds like a prize ****.
  17. Re: FourFourTwo's 100 Best Players in the World- featuring 3 Malians and a shock winn

    Adebayor the 15th best player in the world, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    Re: Stan Collymore - Worst Pundit Ever?

    I thought Gavin Peacock was superb, knew his stuff and put it across very well, shame he's buggered off to be a priest!!


    Bright and Pleat yes, I think Claridge is decent, heard him...
  19. Re: Leeds United v Northampton Town - FA Cup 1st Round (Setanta, 7.45)

    The FA Cup is a wonderful competition it's just a shame the BBC don't have it anymore :(
  20. Re: How vociferous are you in support of your club?

    If i had to pick one then it'd be 4 but with certain aspects removed, i don't have a flag although one of our lot does but it's not a regular attendee whilst most songs are spontaneous and are rarely...
  21. Re: aidy boothroyd sacked as watford manager?

    I'd rather have had Burkinshaw come in as caretaker manager as i doubt he'd have been around long in that capacity and i doubt he'll be around long in a coaching capacity.
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