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  1. Crashing when trying to launch a new game

    I am playing with various downlaoded leagues in my database, game was fine last night and i am trying to resatrt a game tonight but it keeps crashing on the load screen. Could someone take a look at...
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    Changing Division Levels

    I have a downloaded database and it tells me that English Counties Level Division 1 should be set to level 10 in the division rules but I can't see an option on how to do this.
  3. Game crashing on 11th January every time

    I have tried all the steps in the FAQ in the right order I have loaded the crash dump file under ntfbolton1972 Waitakere
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    Crash Dump on same day

    I have just had 3 crash dumps at the same day when I press continue. I have uploaded the file ntfbolton1972 crash on same day. The save is immediately before I press continue
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