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    [Under Review] Crashes when a news item is clicked

    Started an unemployed save. Went on holiday indefinitely applying for jobs, when a job offer came in I was clicking around and decided to click on one of the news items, as per the image below:
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    Thanks Krlenjushka. Apologises for the...

    Thanks Krlenjushka.

    Apologises for the duplicate thread I wasn't even sure that I had got round to posting this yet hence the double asking.

    Many thanks again.
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    Is there an function in the editor..

    Dear EH which you can view reputation numbers? Specifically my query regarding the continents. I want to find out which has the highest to lowest rep. I obviously know Europe will be top but...
  4. Dear GTGP Thoughts on a 'My Player of the...

    Dear GTGP

    Thoughts on a 'My Player of the Month/Season' thread?

    A bit of a show off thread (But who doesn't like to show off when it comes to FM?)
    which would act as a showcase of that player...
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    Reputation of Continents

    Dear EH

    Is there a way using the editor to find out this info?

    Any help will be appreciated

  6. [14.3] Not Necessarily a bug.. but possible improvements to the triggers?

    Just received this in my inbox. Alerted me as I have not played him out of position at all since I joined the club. I replied as thus.
  7. I don't now since I've had to reset my laptop....

    I don't now since I've had to reset my laptop. I'll see if I can produce game saves as well as screenshots in future. :)
  8. Another one...

    Another one here Dom. :thup:
  9. [14.2.1] Odd Characters Appearing in Private Chat

    Just saw this and thought I should report?
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