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  1. Re: FM09's The Championship Thread: Officially the best second league!

    The best center back that a Championship side can get ?

    QPR - 14 million ( win the league target )
  2. The best center back that a Championship side can get ?

    I manage QPR and has 14 million to spent ( win the league target ) means money not a problem

    Midfield and Forward not a problem as I only play at Championship

    But my target is to win the league...
  3. QPR experienced user, Can anyone recommended a very good center back for QPR ?

    I manage QPR and set target to be Win the championship.

    I loan Possebon and Gibson ( MU ) for my CM position and also has 2 very good winger ( also loan ). No problem for midfield position

  4. FM2008 : Best 11 with all England player in it ?

    I want to rebuild my team and I want all England player in it

    Using some cheats I have a lot of transfer fund.

    I'm only managing mid table team so obviously I cannot buy Lampard, Gerrard,...
  5. Thread: Adebayor

    by TheSBH

    Re: Adebayor

    Sell Adebayor and Van Persie and buy someone young and interesting like Kun Aguero.
  6. FM2008 : How good Victor Moses will be in the future

    I manage Sunderland at sign him at first season when he is 16.

    Will he be good enough to break into first team ?
  7. Good foreign player for Malaysia League ?

    Any good foreign player for Malaysia Super League team ?

    It's look like I can only buy a player that already in the league

    For FM2008

    I can't send scout to anywhere.
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