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  1. Re: FM2009 Official Portsmouth Thread (sponsored by a lack of money)

    I have found Paolo Ferreira to be a good signing as cover for Glen Johnson for just 1.3m. My game has not gone to well though only 11th after 15 games which i find disapointing. My team seem to...
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    Re: Most Succesful Strike Pairing??

    Most recently my best strike partnership was Landon Donovan and Benjani, with some help from Dave Nugent as well. On an older version of the game Darren Bent and Marcus Bent were very good albeit in...
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    Re: Biggest Flop

    I don't know about FM 08 but on 06 it has to be garry o'connor. I cant remember what i payed but it was far to much. He scored a goal on his debut, then broke his leg the neaxt game then recovered...
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    Re: Which team will you be on FM2009?

    I will certainly be starting with a game as Portsmouth and then i may start a game as Torquay to try and get them to the premier league (never been any good at doing that though)
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