1. 25-02-2015
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Forum: Football Manager General Discussion

This forum is for the discussion of Football Manager on PC/Mac and Linux.

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: The January Transfer Window Update 15.3.0 Out Now!

    The January Transfer Window Update 15.3.0 is now available to download from Steam. An updated database is included, but please remember to use the...

    Started by Neil Brock‎, 25-02-2015 15:02
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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Football Manager Handheld 2015 Announced!

    Football Manager 2015 is released on Thursday 20th November at 00.01 GMT on iOS & Android. Want to know what new features to expect? You're in...

    Started by Neil Brock‎, 18-11-2014 16:00
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  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: Download the FM15 Demo

    It’s 'D' Day here at Sports Interactive – that's right, the FM15 Demo is now available to download on Steam. Firstly, a big thank you to everyone...

    Started by Neil Brock‎, 04-11-2014 16:15
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  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: Football Manager 2015 Reviews

    As the review embargo ended this morning, here are the first published reviews for Football Manager 2015. More will be posted as we get them... ...

    Started by Lucas Weatherby‎, 03-11-2014 12:38
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  1. Question Football Manager 15 Spread The News achievement

    OK, I have been wondering about this. How do I get this achievement, "Spread The News"? Anyone has any clue? Thanks! :)

    Started by Blanchflower1‎, 02-02-2015 14:38
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  2. Club Hiring Process

    When I last checked, clubs like Barcelona usually hire managers from within their club, like former player or coaches. In FM I know that the chairmen...

    Started by brawla123‎, 02-02-2015 13:49
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  3. Loyalty Bonus (Out of contract)

    I've had my main CM on a Full Time Month to Month contract for over a season now. We both seem to be happy with the terms! However, he still has a...

    Started by SWaRFeGa‎, 02-02-2015 12:25
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  4. Loans not reducing

    Can anyone help? I have 125mil in the bank with a project balance of 275mil for next season yet my bank loans don't seem to be reducing, I am playing...

    Started by kingken‎, 02-02-2015 13:46
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  5. Quick question for MAC

    Where do i find the database editor! :) Cheers

    Started by Persiani‎, 02-02-2015 13:29
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  6. Training question

    what stipulates whether or not a player has 'heavy' or 'very heavy' workloads? it all seems very random to me with some players.

    Started by Indiana Jones‎, 02-02-2015 10:08
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  7. Exclamation I challenge everyone to explain that.

    It says Jean Proenca ran past opponent at 03:21.Lets see what really happened.

    Started by ashe88‎, 02-02-2015 13:18
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  8. FMRTE (FM13) bank loan issue

    Firstly, sorry if this isn't the correct place for this, I couldn't find another forum it would have been better in Basically, I'm playing FM13. I...

    Started by ACFergie86‎, 02-02-2015 13:13
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  9. mac osx

    i'd like to know why fm stopped to work on mac anyone else have my same issue?

    Started by Zichi90‎, 01-02-2015 11:45
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  10. Promise: Don't fine player... or should you?

    One of my players got angry about a fine, and I agreed with him that the fine was too harsh and unjustified. After that personal talk, I had a new...

    Started by Jean-Luc‎, 21-01-2015 17:01
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  11. Unhappy Need help recovering save game

    Hey, I've just completed another successful season on FM13 and I decided I should have a little tidy up of all my save games and I have accidently...

    Started by trueblue81‎, 07-06-2013 23:14
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  12. Iceland save

    Has anybody done a save in Iceland before? If so is it a good challenge? planning on starting in the 2nd division and work my way up.

    Started by martin brace‎, 01-02-2015 09:54
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  13. "Strip FM"

    When I'm playing FM I like to play it slightly different to everyone else. Whenever I lose or draw a game, I remove an item of clothing, it helps...

    Started by turns88‎, 28-01-2015 17:06
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  14. Selling your top players for maximum profit?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for some advice on a situation I haven't encountered before. I have just won the league with Arsenal, first season. In...

    Started by Ö-zil to the Arsenal!‎, 28-01-2015 00:54
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  15. Player rejecting part exchange... breakdown...

    Hey, just an idea... as when I am about to finalise a transfer which includes a part exchange for one of my players, but my player rejects, the move...

    Started by alfunkyman‎, 02-02-2015 10:19
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  16. Exchange loan player as part of transfer deal

    Hey, Just wondering as in recent weeks we seen a few transfers that have included a loan as part exchange if this will be an update in this years...

    Started by alfunkyman‎, 31-01-2015 15:12
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  17. Too many loan offers

    I'm being bombarded with loan offers, and it makes the game virtually unplayable. Which staff member can I pawn this off onto so I'm not driven...

    Started by RedefiningForm‎, 01-02-2015 08:29
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  18. Unhappy Slow Online Gameplay

    Are more people having trouble with the speed on online games? The speed and responsiveness of the host are good, But the people joining the game...

    Started by RocketM‎, 29-11-2014 18:26
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  19. Squad Status

    I've seen it explained that player complaints over matches and starts is linked to squad role, which makes sense. But what exactly can you do when...

    Started by Bigpapa42‎, 01-02-2015 00:29
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  20. Wink Is it true that cheating is possible in Football Manager?

    I am sorry for the naive question but I was just wondering if lets say if someone uses the in-game editor what does it actually do? Does it actually...

    Started by 12handpaksau‎, 30-01-2015 08:01
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  21. Player AI Lacks a bit of 'Common Sense'

    First of all I've really enjoyed this years game- big step up from last year which I found infuriating. One thing that I do think needs improving...

    Started by KingCanary‎, 31-01-2015 06:43
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  22. Question Creating chances but no goals!?

    I have a problem of creating a high amount of chances accompanied with a high amount of possession but few goals thus creating unrealistic results. ...

    Started by tg111‎, 06-11-2013 19:39
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  23. Dissent Bookings/Sending Off

    How common are bookings for dissent/ungentlemenly conduct this time around? I'd only noticed once in my 10 year save in my games until I just had a...

    Started by addug‎, 01-02-2015 23:42
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  24. Red face League 1 Managers ONLY <<< Join My Online Game No Password Needed

    Only join if your managing a league 1 side cheers.

    Started by Brightmoresufc‎, 02-02-2015 01:08
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  25. Martin Ødegaard Unavailable for Champions League

    I signed Martin Ødegaard at the start of the game. I'm now in my 3rd Season and he's showing as unavailable for the Champions League? I didn't...

    Started by soundboyy‎, 01-02-2015 22:54
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  26. Moved: preferred move freeze

    Started by ds123‎, 01-02-2015 23:01
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  27. Please Stop the comebacks in this game let alone the poor one on ones

    Enough is enough. I'm dissapointed to see my aston villa team loose away 7-4 to stoke. First half we were leading 4-2. Then the home team pumps 5...

    Started by ctfm2012‎, 01-02-2015 01:46
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  28. Bug or some obscure Belgium rule i'm unfamiliar with

    So some team in 7th position has qualified for playoff, there are several matches remaining and no reason, that i can tell, they should qualify. Must...

    Started by mvp‎, 01-02-2015 12:56
    • Replies: 6
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  29. Viewing performance against another team

    Hey Is there a way you can view your long term performance against a particular team, similar to what you see directly before you play them (i.e....

    Started by Marabak‎, 01-02-2015 14:40
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  30. Scouts hired from another team still don't have 100% knowledge

    Basically, as my title suggests. My DoF just signed a scout from Arsenal, who then recommended a player for me to sign as "the best player he worked...

    Started by Marabak‎, 01-02-2015 10:08
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  31. Stupid Question - Squad Depth in Role?

    I know how to view the squad depth in a position of the pitch, but is there a way to view the depth for and individual role on the pitch? I'm...

    Started by Cpt_Short‎, 01-02-2015 15:06
    • Replies: 3
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  32. Senior affiliate effect on regens/transfers

    I am in my third season as Lincoln in Gibraltar and I have a Greek Senior affiliate. I have just loaed the Greek leagues as playable (which will...

    Started by mark1985‎, 30-01-2015 09:07
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  33. Luring players to lowly national teams

    Hi guys, I am playing a save as Dominica (on FM13), with a Dominican league system set up. I am trying to lure a couple of big-boys with dual...

    Started by simsy91‎, 30-01-2015 09:02
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  34. why can't you adjust budget because you did it before- very unrealistic surely

    i can understand why boards might not let you have complete control of your money but when you adjust your budget for a reason, then need to adjust...

    Started by madeirabhoy‎, 01-02-2015 11:31
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  35. How to improve coaching stats after badges?!

    Just finished 2024 season in my journeyman save, which has taken me from Wrexham to Werder Bremen Where I have won everything in the pic below as...

    Started by rywilson‎, 01-02-2015 09:57
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  36. Rejecting Job Offers

    Is there any way to do this automatically? I am in my second season with Parkgate. Last season against the odds I got us promoted in the playoffs,...

    Started by Ellis_D‎, 30-01-2015 09:18
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  37. players called up for copa america leave before champions league final

    I have six players called up for the Copa America in 2019. They are scheduled to leave on June 2nd. I have the Champions League final on June 8th,...

    Started by dsch‎, 31-01-2015 23:31
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  38. Getting in game advice from NOT the assman

    Is there a way to have one of my coaches tell me what he sees in the match? I hired a coach to promote to assman and he turned me down because he...

    Started by Long Islander‎, 30-01-2015 19:03
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  39. Unrealistic Expectations?

    I've just secured promotion with Norwich in my first season, won the league but didn't walk it. Having got my pre season expectations the lowest...

    Started by KingCanary‎, 31-01-2015 20:20
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  40. Quickest countries for Work Permits

    Hey everyone, after some advice. In previous years I thought Belgium was 3 years for a work permit but just signed Mammana and have sent him out on...

    Started by Sat-Nav-Gav‎, 14-01-2015 09:22
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  41. Messi & Ronaldo in same team?

    Has anybody ever had Messi & Ronaldo in the same team? What was your experience with these 2 powerhouses?

    Started by mikenevo‎, 30-01-2015 02:39
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  42. Squad not strong enough to match a player's ambition yet they are 'happy' in lower league?

    Hello all, so i am using a lower league database so i could play with my team of Chertsey Town F.C. and have been doing very well as of late, having...

    Started by Helliconia‎, 30-01-2015 20:03
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  43. Are attributes amended in the next patch?

    Hi, obviously the january transfers and bug fixes are included in the next patch but I was wondering if existing players attributes are also amended?...

    Started by davela93‎, 31-01-2015 17:19
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  44. Searching in FM

    Whenever I search for something in FM, it brings back no results. I try again, with the exact same search terms, and then it works. Anyone else...

    Started by Baptista_8‎, 31-01-2015 17:53
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  45. Real Betis pressconferances.

    Hello! A couple of times under different updates of FM I have started a save with Real Betis but have the same problem both times. Everything...

    Started by dalmashimself‎, 31-01-2015 10:05
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  46. Is it worth starting a new game?

    Or will FM bring out a new patch soon with the jan transfers? I always do the recommandation of starting a new game on a new patch, but with so...

    Started by Russell10‎, 30-01-2015 13:41
    • Replies: 9
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  47. Online multiplayer problems

    Started a 3 player online game a couple of days ago with friends and we managed to get into the premier league season (It took a while). First game...

    Started by iain112‎, 31-01-2015 14:35
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  48. Exchange loan player as part of transfer deal

    Hey, Just wondering as in recent weeks we seen a few transfers that have included a loan as part exchange if this will be an update in this years...

    Started by alfunkyman‎, 31-01-2015 14:30
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  49. Player power!

    Can't believe it - I've been sacked when 2nd in the league, due to player power. I feel like AVB! Managing Rangers - took over in Dec 2015 when...

    Started by andyroscoe77‎, 20-01-2015 09:35
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  50. pre game editor

    How do you use th pre game editor to create leagues and clubs

    Started by paokara‎, 31-01-2015 13:29
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  51. Full match or highlights?

    Does anyone watch the full match or leave it to highlights? I find highlights a bit boring but them again the full math could last up to 90 minutes...

    Started by KarlAbbott‎, 31-01-2015 10:55
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  52. Transfer budget questions

    Hi everyone, couple of questions about transfer budgets. 1 - I have a transfer arranged for a future date for a player to join my team - fee is...

    Started by A1984‎, 31-01-2015 11:31
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  53. turkish league

    hello, im sure you know about new rules about foreign players in turkish league but i just wonder are you gonna add that to the game with next...

    Started by gurbey91‎, 31-01-2015 11:39
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  54. Non EU player Work Permit issue

    I signed a non eu player on a pre contract in jan and a work permit was agreed for him to join in july......now he has arrived in July but it says he...

    Started by berrers‎, 31-01-2015 10:33
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  55. [Debate/Discussion] AI should figure out your tactics if you play the same

    Disclaimer: This does not endorse nor does it support any possibility that the Football Manager game has the ability to allow the AI to figure out...

    Started by saiyaman‎, 29-01-2015 08:17
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  56. Media Interaction Issue

    I'm playing as Norwich in the Championship and secured a play-off place last week, however the media are asking me a question about how 'Norwich can...

    Started by KingCanary‎, 31-01-2015 07:22
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  57. Holidaying

    If I go on holiday and apply for all jobs while on holiday will it return me when I have an interview, there used to be an option to do that on older...

    Started by jbutton‎, 30-01-2015 23:54
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  58. Thumbs up Postponements

    I've just purchased FM15. Are many matches postponed due to adverse weather conditions in FM14 as I don't recall many being postponed in FM14? ...

    Started by Sweeger‎, 12-12-2014 13:42
    • Replies: 8
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  59. Dear SI, a request if you will.

    Hello SI, love the game. One small teeny tiny issue though, the lack of documentation about what certain things do in-game. My main gripe is 'Team...

    Started by bdixon‎, 30-01-2015 20:58
    • Replies: 14
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  60. Exclamation tried to sell our captain now the team's morale is rock bottom

    Hi there guys I'm trying to sort out my team who I'm currently managing they are in the Spanish second League SD Ponferradina and I'm in my first...

    Started by stockportguy86‎, 30-01-2015 22:03
    • Replies: 4
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  61. Martin Odegaard's Lifestyle

    So I had my bid for young Martin accepted but he won't even enter talks with me because he feels my club doesn't have the financial resources to meet...

    Started by DrIgz‎, 30-01-2015 01:51
    • Replies: 17
    • Views: 1,117
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  62. How to sell players?

    Im trying to sell my players on FMC but I just can't seem to get rid of them. Offering them for 0% loan, 0 euro fee. No one wants them... They are...

    Started by Double0Seven‎, 30-01-2015 18:29
    • Replies: 9
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  63. Quick question about Macs...

    Just bought a Macbook air. Arrives Monday, 13", Intel HD 5000 Graphics Card, i7 processor and 8GB memory. 256 disk space. Im hoping it runs FM like a...

    Started by xabiorbaiz‎, 29-01-2015 14:08
    • Replies: 6
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  64. Rich Monaco.. Why?

    Hello all. I've been playing Monaco for 5 seasons now and they get huge amounts of money throughout the season. They get cash injections from the...

    Started by evo4ever‎, 30-01-2015 01:04
    • Replies: 22
    • Views: 922
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  65. Managing in Brazil - no state championship?

    Hoping someone more knowledgeable in the Brazilian leagues can help me here. I recently started a save with a Serie C side Guaratinguetá, and...

    Started by auduron‎, 19-01-2015 03:33
    • Replies: 10
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  66. What I still need to clarify about match preparation...

    1) Are the improvements from match preparation directly proportional to the number of days spent on match preparation? e.g. Will attacking movement...

    Started by MatchWinner‎, 27-01-2015 16:21
    • Replies: 4
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  67. insane transfer

    So I started my game off with Norwich, after the first season I signed Gary macay-Stevens from Dundee on a free, after 3 seasons with Norwich I...

    Started by chris1305‎, 30-01-2015 01:42
    • Replies: 10
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  68. International Management

    I've been getting a lot of International job offers lately. If I accepted one can still manage my club team at the same time? Or is it one or the...

    Started by evo4ever‎, 30-01-2015 16:03
    • Replies: 1
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  69. New poster, oldie FM gamer, FM2015 and puzzled

    Hi y'all! I'm bugchug, and yes, I've coped all this time without coming on board. So being footy mad and a FM gamer, I've kinda struggled to get...

    Started by bugchug‎, 10-01-2015 19:48
    • Replies: 26
    • Views: 1,639
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  70. Which Macs Could Run This Set Up?

    So I'm looking to make the move over to a Mac and being able to run FM is pretty important. Having been into the shop and spoken with someone, in...

    Started by addug‎, 27-01-2015 12:38
    • Replies: 19
    • Views: 364
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  71. National Pool/Reports?

    So I feel like I must be being incredibly stupid but I cannot get my head around how the national pool works this year. I never really bother with...

    Started by addug‎, 30-01-2015 11:57
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  72. Keep getting agent offers for youth players (How to turn off)

    Is there any way to stop this as I've unchecked agent offers but they keep coming up after every day, it's a bit much since none of them are any good.

    Started by v InterfectoR v‎, 29-01-2015 14:14
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  73. This is not the type of affiliate club that I wanted.

    Ok, so here's the thing: I play with Eintracht Frankfurt and I have a lot of south american youngsters on my team. I would like to have a spanish...

    Started by flomania‎, 29-01-2015 19:04
    • Replies: 3
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  74. How to Keep my Corner Instructions saved? and How to keep Country knowledge?

    I am playing a journeyman save and currently managing CF Merida in the Mexican Promotion league. I have two questions. How do I keep my corner...

    Started by Hootieleece‎, 30-01-2015 03:58
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 114
    30-01-2015, 05:28 Go to last post
  75. Missing chances - a bug?

    Been building a strong squad with my Spurs-team over many years, which resulted in the Premiership-title in my 4th season. Now, halfway into the 5th...

    Started by Dougiefresh‎, 24-01-2015 02:07
    • Replies: 20
    • Views: 754
    30-01-2015, 03:03 Go to last post
  76. Real Madrid not playing in europe bug

    Hello, i just recently started working at Real after quitting at Man City. The weird thing is, that Real finished 4th in the Primera, wich leads to...

    Started by Joso1000‎, 28-01-2015 22:04
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 536
    30-01-2015, 02:22 Go to last post
  77. Star ratings and "endgame", something isn't working right now.

    Lemme get this out of the way: I get that star ratings are based off of your current squad and club stature, I wish they weren't, but I know they...

    Started by Phero‎, 27-01-2015 13:08
    • Replies: 53
    • Views: 1,325
    30-01-2015, 01:40 Go to last post
  78. Goalkeeper form

    Was looking at my goalkeeper's recent form. I noticed there are two columns called Mistakes but abbreviated in MST & MCG. What is the difference?

    Started by brawla123‎, 29-01-2015 21:48
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 134
    30-01-2015, 00:21 Go to last post
  79. Negatives of agent owning some of your players

    Is the only negative that I'll get less money when I come to sell him? Basically an agent wants £20m for his 40% share of Gabriel Barbosa :-|

    Started by Baptista_8‎, 29-01-2015 21:33
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 188
    29-01-2015, 23:12 Go to last post
  80. Won Capital One Cup but not in Europe ?

    I won the Capital One Cup with Birmingham while in the championship thorughout the season i had EC next to my name to indicate i had qualified for...

    Started by scalesy‎, 30-12-2014 09:39
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 565
    29-01-2015, 23:01 Go to last post
  81. Euro cup

    I was looking at the final tables for euro cup group stage and noticed some teams on the same points and the team with the poorer goal difference...

    Started by ds123‎, 29-01-2015 22:22
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 81
    29-01-2015, 22:28 Go to last post
  82. Welsh League.

    Anyone else doing a save in the WPL? I'm really enjoying however was wondering when/if you turn pro, I'm coming 2nd/3rd most season just can't seem...

    Started by Bristol CityFC1981‎, 16-12-2014 11:14
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 255
    29-01-2015, 22:28 Go to last post
  83. Too many strikers?

    I've just signed a regen wonderkid striker and hes absolutely insane! I currently have Munir and Jovic as my backups. The problem I've got his Munir...

    Started by evo4ever‎, 28-01-2015 14:52
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 449
    29-01-2015, 21:59 Go to last post
  84. My Assistant Manager won 'Manager of the Season' ahead of me?

    Is this some type of fluke. How is he even a viable candidate? His record shows: he managed 1 game, 100% win record and had amassed 650 voter points...

    Started by Fusion 123‎, 27-01-2015 07:49
    • Replies: 25
    • Views: 1,265
    29-01-2015, 19:25 Go to last post
  85. Short Corners

    Greetings all. I tried to post in the general feedback thread but unfortunately for the mods it has been inundated with the same annual complaints...

    Started by Snootch‎, 07-11-2014 16:28
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 673
    29-01-2015, 17:29 Go to last post
  86. Question About long flat throw

    I played some online game with friends,there is bug about long flat throw. In the match 9 times Highlight with throw and everytime player throw the...

    Started by owenxue1992‎, 29-01-2015 17:25
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 153
    29-01-2015, 17:25 Go to last post
  87. Does squad depth improve / affect form?

    Something I've thought about before but never really known. Noticed a few in previous saves but just got thinking about it in my Spurs save, where...

    Started by Burnsey85‎, 28-01-2015 14:24
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 267
    29-01-2015, 17:06 Go to last post
  88. Barbosa and Januzaj what a season!!

    Just finished my 4th season with United. Barbosa broke the season league record at United which stood at 33 since 1959 and Januzaj broke the Premier...

    Started by fordy049‎, 29-01-2015 13:35
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 504
    29-01-2015, 17:01 Go to last post
  89. A game a day (international call up)

    Just got a notification of Hachim Mastour being called up and I normally ignore these but seen it was for the 25, 26 and 27th of March (2023),...

    Started by rywilson‎, 29-01-2015 15:17
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 99
    29-01-2015, 15:19 Go to last post
  90. Championship Manager Italia

    Hi All Im not sure this is the right place to post this but i have downloaded CM Italia but cant for the life of me get it working any help would...

    Started by YidsAreUs‎, 05-02-2010 11:49
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 3,438
    29-01-2015, 15:08 Go to last post
  91. We should be able to do crazy stuff like...


    Started by ljwjones‎, 28-01-2015 12:49
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 516
    29-01-2015, 13:25 Go to last post
  92. FM15 match day question

    Yo fellow FM people! So at match day the kick off times are different for each match, which is fine, as it is the same in real matches as well....

    Started by mvp‎, 28-01-2015 12:00
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 216
    29-01-2015, 11:44 Go to last post
  93. Where is the "Reset Disabled Messages" box?

    I accidentally disabled one of those pop-ups by checking "do not ask me again" box. Does anyone know where is the option to reset it back to normal...

    Started by Dracokall‎, 29-01-2015 01:07
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 108
    29-01-2015, 11:26 Go to last post
  94. what does overload mean?

    if i am losing i make it at 65th min. if the game is at draw i make it at 75th min. and i go like 2 4 4 overload take more risk. i watch the key...

    Started by gurbey91‎, 29-01-2015 10:12
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 339
    29-01-2015, 11:20 Go to last post
  95. Anyone had a son yet?

    Is this still posible in FM15. I haven´t heard of anybody having one yet in this Version. If you had one, how are they statswise? Did they become...

    Started by Lodda‎, 23-01-2015 09:53
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 1,121
    29-01-2015, 09:40 Go to last post
  96. Premier League, the only enjoyable league on FM?

    Can start to say with, im not a fan of English football at all. But the Premier League is so fun to be a manager in on FM. Actually its the only...

    Started by kallemannen‎, 28-01-2015 14:48
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 901
    29-01-2015, 09:40 Go to last post
  97. Shortlist help

    Just started a new game and want to import my shortlist from my old game. However it doesn't appear under the list of shortlists to 'import', so...

    Started by Basile Boli‎, 29-01-2015 09:13
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 107
    29-01-2015, 09:13 Go to last post
  98. Arsenal 0 - 43 Hull City


    Started by Artin‎, 29-01-2015 02:38
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 982
    29-01-2015, 08:19 Go to last post
  99. Were Can i get the Napoli badge and kit ??

    i want to start a save with Napoli just need the badge and kit anyone no wer I can get it ??? or a link

    Started by DaaNMaaN‎, 28-01-2015 17:34
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 173
    29-01-2015, 07:50 Go to last post
  100. Your longest injury?

    I signed a defender wonderkid regen at the end of the season for £29m from Liverpool. And guess what happens in training? He breaks his leg, out for...

    Started by evo4ever‎, 28-01-2015 01:44
    • Replies: 33
    • Views: 816
    29-01-2015, 00:59 Go to last post

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