View Full Version : Really, really need more team talk options.

04-02-2009, 01:39
It's reached the point in my save now where I'm going into more or less every game as a favourite, and the main 3 usable options are now demotivating my team. For the fans is absolutely pointless, seriously, every time I've used it my team just don't show up; and the pressure is off/result doesn't matter one has a similar effect.

So, I'm left with telling them they can win it, I expect them to win it, or wish them luck. After 6 years seems like the core element of my team have gone beyond nothing specific noted and not paying attention anymore, and post match there's only really 2 that will work almost regardless of the result if you want to preserve morale/player happiness, and again they're just as useless and resulting in the same outcome.

It means most games I'm limited to very few options just to lessen the worst outcome, surely this isn't the aim of the game?

Ricky Riccardo
04-02-2009, 01:46
its one of the bad sides to this game as well as player reactions to team talk. Very depressing.

04-02-2009, 02:40
I use expect a win every game. It is the only way to go unless you are slight underdog then use wish luck.
If it is a rival game, a semi final or better cup game, or a game vs. a team you are fighting for the title with use for the fans.

But yeah I agree we need a lot more. Using the same thing for 95% of the matches is so lame.
I don't understand why they just don't add literally hundreds of them so the result of your talk isn't so predicable.

04-02-2009, 04:06
When I get to that point, I try to focus on personal talks. So I give a general team talk from the ones you mentioned, but then focus on motivating specific players.

General team talks may still inspire one or two players, and that may be more than enough. But still, "pick up where you left off" (where available) and "expect a performance" may inspire a few more.

I am too a bit buffled with "for the fans". Theoretically, it makes no difference to anyone in my team, but it still seems to make a difference and motivate players when playing a really important match (e.g against a rival). My players seem to tackle like there is no tomorrow when I use that, so it may be quite useful actually.

04-02-2009, 08:08
Have you read playmaker's comments on the media press conferences in another thread. It puts into persepective what is required in the sense of re-coding the game to enable there to be more options when interacting with players or press etc.

it's not just as easy as adding new comments to the drop down.

04-02-2009, 08:25
The problem is the same as with press conferences. Team talks have a big effect in the game but the choice is extremely limited and the whole thing gets repetitive and loses impact.

If it's impractical to make a team talks feature which works properly, then don't put them in at all. The current situation is the worst of both worlds.

There are too many features in FM (eg team talks, press conferences, the ME) which don't work very well. Rather than adding things all the time with each new edition, wouldn't it be better to concentrate on sorting what's in the game already properly?

04-02-2009, 09:21
I think there should be an option to turn off teamtalks and press conferences.

Either that or have a SAFE option, which you can choose if you want your tactic and players to be used to calculate your results instead of an "iffy" team talk or press conference.

Lets face it, team talks have way too much affect on performances, which is in no way realistic.

Wee Aja
04-02-2009, 09:28
See this thread of mine:


04-02-2009, 10:08
There are 3 key issues with team talks:

1. Leaving the AM to do team talks should provide a safe, if uninspired option.
2. If you are going to be punished for repetition then there needs to be more than one or two viable options for most matches and the context of the match needs to be taken into account more.
3. Selecting the same team talk gets boring regardless of how it is implemented.

04-02-2009, 10:12
I don't think more options will make a difference, what we need to see happen is;

a) Remove them completely.
b) Make them more relevant.
c) Alter the influence they have.

Once they have got the current team talks right, then they can start thinking about adding more.

FM mad
04-02-2009, 12:18
I think that you should be able to give a team talk/advice to a certain player other than at beginning/half time. E.G. 75th minute in the game and you send someone on saying, 'you can make the difference here' (If losing) or if you're winning and you send someone on you can say 'Keep it tight'. Only one's off the top of my head.

Sorry if this has already been suggested, a lot to read through.

04-02-2009, 12:29
I think more options with a scope of different messages, or ultimately even 2 slightly different ones which convey a similar message because seriously, I've got a few players in my team who are almost unable to be motivated they've been here so long. Obviously they do need overhauling and making work right, but seriously, even TCM04 had more options than we have now, to what great effect they had I don't really know but with press conferences, we do have 2 enormous pit holes which the unaware user could fall down and consequently I think is possibly the reason behind a lot of the posts why people find it difficult.

Would have been good if team talks were patched up, then press conferences were implemented or something, they really need sorting they've been a bit flawed at around this time in the game for me on 08 as well.