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28-01-2009, 21:15
I assume this is not considered a factor of performance in fm?

SI you know what to do....

28-01-2009, 21:20
LOL, you think this will get reply or closure :)

How about saying how you think it should be used/ implemented?

28-01-2009, 21:45
A numerical value will suffice which gives a better probability of not making mistakes in a competition meaning I guess less chance of fives and more six upwards performances.

Every match played in a competition shold lead to more experience.

Dare I say Total club manager 2005 implemented this quite well.

29-01-2009, 16:38
It is classed as experience, agreed. But that doesn't mean you are less prone to "make mistakes" as you put it

29-01-2009, 16:43
I do agree that experience needs to be a greater factor than it is.

29-01-2009, 16:44
Don't think this is the most important thing....
IRL, David Marshall VS. Barcelona for Celtic. Debut...NO MISTAKES!!

It can happen. Depends on how good your player is mentally. Surely a mentally strong player will be able to handle the pressure.

On another note my mate brought on Lauri Dalla Valle for his CL debut (for Aston Villa)in the final VS Munich at half time in the final. He scored a hat trick and got MoM!!! After that he was unstoppable.