View Full Version : game won't move on 3/4's of the way through a pen shootout

26-01-2009, 17:39
How weired is this

FA cup semi final

Arsenal (me) 4-3 up on pens then Agger takes one step from the line of waiting players and nothing else is happening.

I can rewind hightlights, look at all other screens, and ticker bar is working.

Playing in windowed mode.

As you can see want to see if I can do anything before having to quit without saving (FA cup final beckons)

Anyone got any ideas?

26-01-2009, 18:48
You could holiday the day, you'd obviously miss the rest of the match but you would at least get past it.

26-01-2009, 18:55
How much ram do you have and how fast is your processor? Perhaps its just processing. Do you have lots of stuff running at the same time as FM?

26-01-2009, 19:32
Cheers Neji you are a life saver.

went on Holiday for 2 days and it's all come back to life.

Thanks again