View Full Version : Highly distruptive int. call-ups

the toon
26-01-2009, 13:23
This is absolute ******** :mad:

i'm at notts county, in league 2. I'm just about to enter the most important period of the season; the promotion play-offs.
My best player, vaclav kadlec, has been called up for the czech U-19's squad, for the same time when i'm playing, and there's no way i can prevent him from leaving!! I wonder, in real life, what would be more of a priority for him, my play-off games or the f'*****g U-19's (it's not even the U21's!)?? And he wasn't even starting for them, he came on as a sub on his first game... :mad:
His absense will make all the difference, my second great striker is injured, and the others are firing more blanks then the territorials... while kadlec has scored 7 in his last 5 games...

26-01-2009, 13:37
when i was playing as athletico madrid in FM07 all my south americans would always get called up on the date of the champions league final, was very annoying.

26-01-2009, 14:11
iirc, if the games are official (so no friendlies) and on the FIFA list, you can't get them back and the club has to let them go. I agree it can be bloody irritating if you miss some players during that time of the season, but frankly nothing you can do about it.

IRL, the olympics were not on the FIFA list, that was why some teams (HSV, Schalke 04 and Barca) appealed at the CAS to get the players back, in the end the clubs won the case but only HSV recalled Komapny (Rafinha and Messi were allowed to stay), which was in fact a reason for him to leave HSV.

26-01-2009, 14:19
yes it can cause some frustrating times, i cant remember the number off the top of my head of how many lpayers you have to have called up for the match to be re-arranged, but anywho, the tone and swearing wasn't really needed

the toon
26-01-2009, 15:07
Yep, sorry about that then :o i was fuming, it's only the u-19's euro qualifiers, i reckon my play-off semis were just a little bit more important, and in real life that wouldn't had happened... But sorry for the swearing anyway, i hate to read other people swear so shouldn't do it myself.

Anyways, i managed to pull it off without him somehow:) I lost my home game againts luton 1-0, my players were like completely without dedication or effort, i gave them some stick after the game, and coming the away game (againts a team i had only gained 2 points previously from 5 meetings), and i managed an extreamly lucky 2-0 victory!! I scored one offside goal, they're perfectly good goal got flagged offside, i managed to injure 2 of they're players without consequenses (they did that to me in the first leg), and after the final whistle i was jumping up and down my room in total disbelieve of what i've just witnessed.

and now i'm about to start the final, crewe alexandra my opponent, my seconth wembley appereance this season (lost the johnstone paint final), that's doing miracles for my finance-department, which wasn't looking so good in the begging of the season.
Now i have my kadlec back, and for the first time in months i'm completely injury-free, and team morale fantastic:cool: