View Full Version : help!! can't load game!

25-01-2009, 18:23
I had a game with Sunderland that I have been playing for about 4 seasons now.. But today something went wrong with my computer but I managed to get everything under control.. however, I had to re-install FM back into my computer. But my Sunderland.fm game file was still there. Afterwards, when I tried to load the game, it said "the save game cannot be loaded".. I then created a new Sunderland game and named it sunderland2.fm

Now, in my SI folder, sunderland.fm and sunderland2.fm files are both there. However, on the FM main page, I am only able to load the new one and not the old one.

Any ideas as to why I cna't play my old game again?

25-01-2009, 19:15
Are you using the same patch as you were before?

Saves won't load in an older version of the game.

25-01-2009, 19:43
select load game (not last game) and search at your saved games directory (my documents\sports interactive\fm2009\games) maybe there is a saved game named Sunderland(backup).fm , if not sunderland.fm