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Some Guy!
25-01-2009, 16:42

That was exactly what wasn't needed at this point of the season!

So, there I am, top of the World. Things were beginning to be easy. I had recently been on a 112 game unbeaten run in the league, I'd lost a few matches in the Champions League and the Cups, but 112 games unbeaten in the league none the less. This season was looking different, after my strikers finally finding their long lost eye for goal, it had again this season buggered off, and this was highlighted by a 2-0 away loss to Arsenal, putting them at the time 5 points clear. I'd managed to claw it back, and a trip to Reading seemed like any other game. I was atop the table by 1 point and Arsenal having drawn earlier that day it meant that I could go 4 points clear ahead of a difficult run of games.

Well, we all know what happened now don't we. Matt Derbyshire turned on the style for Reading to go 2-0 up and my side looked completely shattered. To make matters worse, my star player was still very tired from a difficult run of games for the Brazillian U21s and had to come off whilst we were still 2-0 down. One of my miss firing strikers gave us a way back into the match, but it was too late, the final score being 2-1 against me.

In terms of statistics for the season, my side's defense was near invincible; having only conceded 7 in 22 before this match. In terms of my unbeaten run, take out the loss to Arsenal, and the one (that turned out to be vital) a few years earlier and that would be some 142 unbeaten (again, apart from Arsenal)...

Oh well, a few heads for the chop and we'll be back on the title trail.

Anybody else had something similar?