View Full Version : Long-term Caretaker?

25-01-2009, 15:50
I came across something quite strange when browsing earlier, i was wondering who was Valencia's current boss after seeing them languish in midtable.

I was suprised to see they had a caretaker boss in charge, as although i have seen this occasionally, never with a big name team.

The bottom left of the team screen didnt have the usual 'Apply For Job' link, something all teams have when they have no manager.

After looking around in the landmarks, i was stunned to see that their current caretaker boss has been in charge for 11 months!


Has anyone else suffered from this - I assume - bug?
And does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

25-01-2009, 16:09
on 08 on one of the updates heracles started with a caretaker and would rarely ever replace him or give him the job full time.

dont know if this can be fixed though

25-01-2009, 16:19
yeah its pretty annoying, i dont know if any of the gameplay will be affected but simply from a cosmetic side its quite frustrating to see this happen to Valencia.