View Full Version : Current and potential ability

25-01-2009, 14:40
i notice people mentioning they have/had regens with potetnial ability 198 etc but i dont know how they would find this out. obviously you can look at that kind of thing for real players on the editor but how for example what john terry's current abilty is in 2012?

25-01-2009, 14:44
dude, check out the editor section and real time editors, like FMRTE or try good old GENIE SCOUT

25-01-2009, 14:45
You need a third party program such as Genie scout to find this out. Have a look in the editors forum for the genie scout thread :thup:

25-01-2009, 15:29
cheers people iv just read into genie scout n downloaded it but just trying to find out how to use it now, where do i extract the file?

25-01-2009, 15:30
Anywhere you like, it doesn't really matter.

crafty bison
25-01-2009, 15:33
Wherever you like, it's a standalone program.