View Full Version : Question re: steam

25-01-2009, 14:39
Hi guys i just bought FM09 through the steam website....im not too clued up on these things and I didnt know until afterwards that I had to download Steam software....anyhow, my payment cleared, then I downloaded the Steam software, but I cant seem to download FM09, it is asking me to pay again....anyone got any ideas?


Matt ex SEGA
25-01-2009, 15:18
I'm not too sure but Steam do provide their own support and forums at www.steampowered.com which may help?

25-01-2009, 15:27
Thanks Matt I have asked over Steams forums

25-01-2009, 15:30
When your logged into your steam account the game is supposed to show up on the tab 'my games' on steam. Make sure you got the reciet confirming the buy and such.