View Full Version : Wage Budget issue

25-01-2009, 13:57
This is mostly a problem I face in the lower leagues. I fell a bit into the red after exceeding my wage budget a bit in the first season which the board was unhappy about. So over the summer I did the cleaning and come the start of the season the board told me my wage budget is at 2.9k/week which by now I was well under. So I allowed myself to sign a few more players. About two weeks later I find that my wage budget is all the sundden back to 1.4k/week without me knowing.

The financial decisions by the board have to fixed. If they decided that we can afford to pay players this and this amount per week at the begining of the season than it should stay that way. I shouldn't have to go into the finances sheet and start adding up the number because the board can't do the math right. Because than I went in to check out the income/expenditure for past few months and on average we were spending just on wages more than the income. Not including tax and other things. This has to be fixed.