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25-01-2009, 02:20
My distinctly average West Ham team (i started unemployed) in my second season with them are 12th that being the highest position we have held all season.... i am undefeated in 7 games before Arsenal at home...

i go 4-5-1 tackling hard (standard) but put out a weak side because im going to get panned i mite as well make sure the regulars dont drop morale - SOME HOW i beat the formidable Arsenal 4-2......

Now to the point of the thread... United are next away from home... baring in mind im now 8 games undefeated and have inflicted Arsenals second defeat of the season (28games in) I have already beaten UNited 1-0 at home as well!! Manchester United (who i support irl) think it is a good idea to omit Rooney and Ronaldo (tbf they are injured) Tevez and Berbatov arent even on the bench despite being available!!! There is no Carrick, no 1st choice GK and no evra

I DESERVE RESPECT!!! why would they insult me with this poor team - i managed to take a 2-2 draw and porbably shud have won

I dont know im posting this really - its more of a statement that deems no repsonse than a question

25-01-2009, 05:28
well i can't remember if they adressed this in the latest patch we all play or a forthcoming patch but they know about this.