View Full Version : AI Clubs don't plan ahead

25-01-2009, 00:03
It's 2013 and I've just signed Jack wilshire for 2m from Arsenal. They never give him a chance.

It's a common theme in the game - teams just playing the same bunch of players each season until they get over the hill - then they struggle.

Chelsea are a mid table team these days. Their defence - ferriera,Terry, Carvalio and Cole - are all in thier 30's, elsewhere Lampard and Droga just aren't cutting it at 34, but they're both still regulars.

This all make my average squad age of 20 look brilliant in comparison to the 25 for the EPL.

I just need some Manutd and Arsenal players to turn 30 now till i start to win by default

25-01-2009, 01:36
Its something that is being looked at in the bugs forum. SI are aware of it. It does get annoying, though. In my save game, 2020 ish, 36/37 year olds were ripe in the Premier League.

25-01-2009, 03:06
Sounds like the infamous Bojan bug.

In fairness though, Wilshere doesn't always turn out that great. Don't forget his potential has a random element. I bought him and he completely sucked.