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24-01-2009, 20:05
First season with Bloem Celtic from South Africa i finished 11th and my club stature droped from okay to poor.Ok...i had a bad season,i can accept that

In second season my media prediction is 8th and i finished 6th but my club stature is still poor.

3rd season i win the title and the club stature rises a little bit...more greener but is still poor.
And every month the board feels i should perform better in my role as manager...they are concerned that the club is not being held in the same regard as it was before i took charge.

One first season poor followed by two great seasons including winning the title despite i was considered as a mid-table team and the board feels i should perform better.And all that because of the club stature.

Why it is so hard to raise the club stature and so easy to decrease it?

And also my bank balance raised from 1 million to 10 millions.I have in my team some great regens.